Mother Son Dance Thursday January 26th!

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, January 26th from 6-9 is the Mother Son night out hosted by the Gr. 5’s at GLC. This event is a fundraiser for the Gr.5’s Festival trip to Winnipeg. This is a night for mother figures and their boys, all ages and everyone is welcome. There will be snacks, drinks, an auction table, photo booth and many fun activities planned, and of course dancing! Tickets are for sale for $10.00 and can be purchased at the door.


We hope to see you all there!


How Big Is A Foot?

Not only the title to a great book, but also a question that was asked in class last week by one of the grade 4 students, “How big is a foot?”  Well after a good discussion on the metric and imperial units of measurement we started talking about Standard Units of Measurement in class today.

If you haven’t already, you need to read “How Big Is A Foot?” by Rolf Myller, you should! I uploaded a Youtube link of a student reading it online, but you can also check out the book from the GLC library.  Here’s the back jacket blurb:

“The King wants to give the Queen something special for her birthday. The Queen has everything, everything except a bed. The trouble is that no one in the Kingdom knows the answer to a very important question: How Big is a Bed? because beds at the time had not yet been invented. The Queen’s birthday is only a few days away. How can they figure out what size the bed should be?”

After our read we decided Standard Units of Measurement are essential! We then reviewed different measurement units for length/distance, time, temperature etc. To finish off class we went around and found non-standard units of measurement for common  standard units such as 1 cm, 30 cm, 1 meter, including benchmarks on our body. Because who is going to have a ruler in their back pocket at all time?!

Suivez mes directions!

The grade 8’s have been working on a unit on following directional instructions since being back at school from the holidays. Today they worked on building simple mazes and then having to guide their partners through it using their newly learned vocabulary. This is such a practical unit for students, especially if any students plan on being globe trotters in the future, to know how to listen to and give directions in a second language. I was impressed with all the super learning!

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Data Management in Mathematics

We have moved on from Patterning and Place Value into the world of Data Management in Mathematics. This is usually a very fun unit to teach and learn about.  Students enjoy taking surveys graphing primary and secondary source data and reading and interpreting graphs.  However, as we move into more complicated areas of data management it can get tricky for the students, such as identifying what scale to use on a bar graph, or determining the mode and median of a data set.  So far, we have looked at horizontal and vertical bar graphs using different scales to represent the data set.  We are currently working analyzing double bar graphs, which the students are finding a bit trickier.

Here is an overview of the overall expectations for your son or daughter for this unit based on grade level.

Grade 3 Learning Goal:

By the end of the unit I will:

  • Be able to collect primary data in the form of SURVEYS
  • Be able to read, describe and understand primary data in the form of SURVEYS
  • Be able to display data using CHARTS and GRAPHS
  • Be able to create and understand horizontal and vertical BAR GRAPHS
  • Demonstrate and understanding of MODE

Grade 4 Learning Goal:

By the end of the unit I will:

  • Be able to collect primary data in the form of SURVEYS
  • Be able to read and interpret secondary data ex. temperature data from a newspaper, data from the internet about endangered species.
  • Be able to display data using CHARTS and GRAPHS
  • Be able to create and understand stem-and-leaf plots and double bar graphs
  • Be able to describe the shape of a set of data ex: “The data is spread out evenly.” “The set of data bunches around the median.”
  • Be able to demonstrate and understanding of MEDIAN

Progress Report Cards

I hope all parents received the Progress Report Cards that went home yesterday.  My apologies to some, whose children were missing letter grades for their child’s learning skills. The problem for this has been rectified and revised reports for those students will be going home tonight.  Mrs. Geary has attached a letter to these revised reports explaining why this glitch happened in our electronic reporting system this year.

A reminder that you can contact me at any time if you have any questions regarding your child’s Progress Report Card at the school or by email,

Also, please come to our parent teacher interview night on Tuesday November 22nd if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your understanding on some of the reporting glitches this term.

Mrs. Zavadil


Sing Along

From the desk of our music program teacher:

Coming Tomorrow

 The largest On-line Sing-Along  of K-5 classrooms ever will take place tomorrow Oct. 27 at 12:15.  Our K-5 students will participate with students from across North America and beyond in this event.  Students will eat beforehand.  It is expected to run for 30 minutes.  Interested parents are welcome to attend and raise the rafters in song with the rest of us.  Thank you. 

 See you tomorrow!

Maureen Reid

11:45-12:05 Eat Lunch

12:05-12:55 Sing Along!

Environmental Field Trip

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It was a cool (literally) and learning filled field trip yesterday with the Environmental team from Goldcorp.   We have been learning in science that some of the things humans do can alter and sometimes harm our soil and landscape. We also learned that we have a duty to make sure we keep our environment clean for ourselves, and other. living things.  Thanks to the Environmental crew from Goldcorp, we learned a lot about the ways they monitor our air, water and soil to keep it as clean as possible. The kids enjoyed all three stations on air, water and soil, and got to see some neat bugs from the bottom of Balmer lake, a filtration pump that helps make our water go from ‘yuck,’ to clear and some neat sound equipment that monitors noise level. Thanks again to Mr. Russell and all the workers from Goldcorp who came out on a snowy afternoon to work with our students!


Thank You!

Thank you to all the parents and students of the 3, 4 class who diligently brought back their permission forms for our environmental walk today! I felt so awful that I wasn’t able to get the forms out on Friday, but by the time I received the form to photocopy we were in the middle of the last block.  Unfortunately I couldn’t leave the class to go and photocopy, so thank you, thank you, thank you again for getting those forms back on such short notice.

On a side note, just a reminder that there is swimming tomorrow from 1-2. We leave the schoolyard at 12:45 for any parents or guardians interested in helping walk us to the pool and watch.

Also there are some great events happening at the Heritage Centre this month, take a look:

Guest Speaker Series:

How do you follow up Hide’s amazing talk on photography in Woodland Caribou Park in September? How about a presentation by local glass artist Cheryl Wilson Smith (On October 19th) and a second presentation by the creator of the film The Grandfather Drum, Michelle Derosier (November 3rd). Cheryl will talk about her art, her inspirations, her recent success and what captures her imagination. Don’t miss your chance to learn from the experiences of an expert in very unique way of sculpting. Then in early November, prepare for the Red Lake’s first ever screening of the animated short ‘The Grandfather Drum’. The film was debuted at the Sundance Festival and has received considerable acclaim. The film delves into the deep story of a drum which had the power to cure the sick. After the film Michelle will speak about her work, her experiences and her inspirations for creating such an amazing film.

Movie Nights:

The Heritage Centre has had voting going on for the last three weeks on our website. The first vote was to determine the genre of movie. Animated won overwhelmingly, but action and comedy were a dead tie for 2nd place. As a result we decided that there will be a double feature this month. Today the second vote concluded and on October 22nd the Heritage Centre will show Ice Age: Continental Drift (Showing at 2pm) and Independence Day 2 (Showing at 7pm). The entry fee will be $1 at the door, please be punctual as we only have a capacity of 99 people. Don’t miss your chance to see some great films. As always popcorn and other snacks and refreshments will be available for purchase before and during the films. We would like to thank Goldcorp for their support. Without generous donation, funding to purchase the licencing to show films would not be possible.

Halloween Fright Night:

Last year on Halloween night, the Heritage Centre will transformed into a spooky museum filled with tricks and treats. Many kids got the chance to make their own candy apples, fish candy out of slime, find their way through the Fright Room and walk away with an awesome treat bag. This year we are doing it again! You can expect more surprises, crafts and treats. Come out in costume and join us on Saturday October 29th from 7p.m. until 9p.m.

Red Lake Art Show:

Most people know that Red Lake is a mining community. What they may not know is that it is also very much an arts community. Last year we held the first annual Red Lake Art Show. We got a great response from artists and art lovers alike. This year we have nearly doubled the number of artists involved in the show and look forward to opening the show on November 17th at 7:00 p.m. Snacks and refreshments will be available.